The Buffer is an application used for mobiles and web. It helps to manage accounts on social networks. It provides a means for users to schedule posts Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You need a login id and password. Buffer allows users post through the application for free or as a paid member. The specialities of this are that we can schedule posts by setting time and day as when it has to appear on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Free members can schedule only 10 posts at a time. The post will automatically appear on the page according to the time and date, given by us.

You can follow these steps to know more about buffer and how to use this buffer application;


This is the homepage of buffer Web-Application.



Pricing Scheme of Buffer Web-Application (Start using the free plan and learn more about the working of Buffer).



  •  Login With your username and password, if you have no account please create a new one.


  •  By using the free account you can post to your 3 social media profiles, you can select which social media profiles you need and login to those social media profiles using this buffer web-application.

Here, you can see Queue, Posts and Settings Tabs below the navigation bar.


  •  You can Queue the posts to a specific time, that you need to post on that social media profile on the Queue tab.


  •  You can see your scheduled posts or Queued posts on your Posts Tab.


  • As you can see in the below image, by using the settings tab, you can Schedule the posts, Reconnect to your social media profile if there any problem persists, you can pause the queued items or you can remove the social media profile from the buffer.


  •  By selecting the posting schedule, you can easily schedule your posts when those posts need to appear on your social media profile.


These are the basic step by step method to understand and how to use the buffer web-application. If you are finding any difficulty using the buffer web-application. Please comment and I will help you to overcome those difficulties. If you like this article share this article with your friends.